The Product Lab

Terms & Conditions of Mentorship Program

Last updated: November 8, 2019


1. Definitions


‘’Agreement’’ means The Product Lab mentorship program Terms and Conditions; ‘’Event’’ means a Mentorship day or any other event arranged by The Product Lab in connection with the Program; ‘’Mentee’ means a participant of the program; ‘’Mentor’’ means a participant who is supporting a participant; ‘’Program’’ means The Product Lab Mentorship program; ‘’Start Date’’ means the date of the first Group Mentoring Day; ‘’Support’’ means any one-to-one meetings, conversations, phone calls or emails with The Product Lab; ‘’We’’, ‘’Us’’, ‘’Our’’ means The Product Lab.


2. Term


The program shall commence on the Start Date and shall run for a period of 4 months. 


3. Mentors

3.1 The mentors of the program will be chosen based on the criteria set for the purposes of the Mentorship engagement. Those have been published in the respective pages of the website. 


3.2 The role of the mentors is to help each mentee achieve the goals that have been set for the purposes of the mentorship program, by:

  • Being open and honest at all times

  • Be willing to share their own professional experiences and interactions with mentees, by being discrete

  • Be willing to listen as a sounding board to each mentee’s requirements and requests

  • Assist in each mentee’s decision-making process, by offering alternative suggestions

  • Share their advice related to the mentee’s challenges and problems


4. Support


The mentorship program has a dedicated helpdesk that can be accessed at contact@theproductlab.nl. The Product Lab will respond to all requests within one business day. 


5. Venues


The venues used for the facilitation of the mentorship program will be announced and distributed on time, prior to each public event day. Those will be announced on the website of The Product Lab and communicated individually via email, to the email address provided during the registration process. 


6. Registration


The registration of both mentors and mentees consists of two parts and therefore, a registration is considered complete and eligible when both parts have been successfully completed. The first part requires both mentors and mentees to fill in an online application form with their contact information, which is hosted on the website of The Product Lab. The second part requires both mentors and mentees to fill in a form, hosted on a third party, where information related to the mentor and mentee’s background and goals is requested. That information will be used to match the mentees with their mentors. 


7. Photography and filming


The Product Lab may film or photograph the mentorship events for commercial purposes. By attending those events, you consent to being filmed or photographed and agree that The Product Lab may use any footage or image in which you may be featured. 


8. Mentee Advice


We encourage all mentees to share their knowledge and experiences with each other, however The Product Lab are not able to vouch for the accuracy of any information given. Mentees should take whatever steps they deep necessary to validate any information provided by a fellow Mentee and to do any necessary due diligence in advance of taking actions which are based on that information. 


9. Mentee Publicity and Feedback


We believe it is mutually beneficial for mentees’ achievements to be published by The Product Lab and we welcome an opportunity to feature and case study our mentees’ successes 

The Product Lab may get in touch with the mentees and request them to provide a brief written testimonial outlining their experience with the mentorship program. 

We will also provide a feedback loop at the end of the mentorship program, which we would ask that you engage with fully as this allows as this allows The Product Lab to constantly improve the program. 

10. Guiding Principles


We ask from all mentors and mentees to adopt The Product Lab’s guiding principles, which we believe are essential to ensure the mentorship group achieves the best possible success for its individual members. These are: 

  • Openness and Honesty – We are honest with each other; there are no hidden agendas

  • Respect for each other – We are all one big team and we all have each other’s backs, working with the highest level of integrity

  • Confidentiality – What is discussed during the mentorship sessions, is not transferred outside the mentorship sessions

  • Listening to others – Some members have a bigger voice that others, but all deserve to be heard

  • Active participation – you will get out what you put in; you’re part of the movie, not part of the audience

  • Commitment to attend the mentorship sessions and group mentorship sessions – for the mentorship program to work at its best and the mentorship relationship to be successful, it is important that the participants actively participate to the minimum requires of the mentorship program, as those are explained in detail in Code of Conduct.


Not adhering to those, may result in termination of the mentorship relationship and activities. 


In signing up for the mentorship program, you agree to adhere to the guiding principles mentioned above, and understand that a persistent failure to do so may result in your exclusion from the program. 


11. Confidentiality 


11.1 Our intention is that mentors and mentees feel that the group mentorship days are a ‘safe’ place, where they are able to discuss their opportunities and challenges in an open and supportive environment. `it is therefore imperative that all mentors and mentees maintain the highest degree of confidentiality. 

11.2 You agree that you will treat all information passed to you, either directly or indirectly, by both mentors and mentees, in the strictest confidence and shall not disclose information that could reasonable be deemed to be personal, confidential or commercially sensitive to any third (3rd) party. 

  • You will not disclose your program materials or any other information obtained during the program to any third (3rd) party. 

  • You will not permit any materials or intellectual property from the mentorship program to be made publicly available or offered for sale

  • You will nit discuss any information discussed at the group mentoring sessions with any third party, including, but not limited to, any deals, projects, opportunities or issues being discussed withing the mentorship program. 


12. Exclusion from the program 


We reserve the right to terminate a mentor and mentee’s participation in the membership program at our sole discretion. 


13. Complaints or Concerns


The happiness of the participants is of paramount importance to The Product Lab and therefore, we take complaints and concerns extremely seriously. In the event that you have a complaint or concern related to the mentorship program itself or to any person connected with the program, we ask you to raise this privately with The Product Lab team and that will be dealt with confidentiality and urgency. 


14. Your right to cancel


Your participation to the mentorship program cannot be canceled, unless if exceptional reasons apply. 

Should you wish to terminate your participation to the mentorship program, we ask you to get in touch with The Product Lab team privately.